Our school district lacks a comprehensive safety plan.  School safety plans are site-based and in some cases, outdated.  We need a district-wide policy and better training for teachers and staff. As a trained member of the Newport Beach Fire Department Community Emergency Response Team, I have seen firsthand how training can save lives and empower ordinary citizens to work together effectively to improve community safety.


mental health & the whole child

Kids and families are stressed today as never before. Studies show that 50% of Orange County kids are not ready for kindergarten.  That is why I am proud to have participated in the development of Orange County’s Early Childhood Policy Framework, through my work at Pretend City Children's Museum.  This framework will help Orange County's health agencies and schools work together to better support families and students. 

I am also working with Pretend City and CHOC Hospital to develop mental health assemblies appropriate for elementary school  age children. 

I am excited to have shared these resources with the students with the school that my children attend and hope to be able to share even more with the community, if elected in November.


high academic standards

Newport Mesa Unified has some great schools - over half have a rating of 7 or above.  My goal is for all NMUSD schools to be great schools.  Our district is one of the few school districts in the state that is community funded, so we have the unique ability to implement changes that will improve academics for everyone.  If elected, I will work to make available data meaningful to teachers, parents, and students so that we can all take ownership for improving our community.



Newport Mesa Unified School District has done a tremendous job of creating and providing academic, technological, and health resources.  However, it is my experience that most parents don't know what is available to them and their students.  If elected, I hope to use my experience in communicating with parents and students to better align the needs of families with what has already been created and implemented.